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Please Register Now: ICTforAg 2022 – The Digital Agriculture Conference

By Guest Writer on December 16, 2021

ictforag 2022

Join industry leaders and practitioners from around the globe at ICTforAg 2022 for two days of thought-provoking discussions on March 9-10, 2022 as we delve into the current state and future trends in digital technology and agriculture. We’ll be exploring the intersections of climate, digital inclusion, locally-led development and data sovereignty within the context of agri-food system actors in Low & Middle Income Countries (LMICs).

ICTforAg 2022 Conference

The latest edition of the ICTforAg conference is perhaps the most ambitious yet, spanning two days and covering all of the world’s time zones. ICTforAg 2022 is sponsored by Feed the Future and the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) through the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH, and will focus on three overarching themes and one cross-cutting theme:

  1. Locally-led Development: focuses on local actors leading the charge in the design, deployment and uptake of digital agriculture solutions, content, and enabling policies.
  2. Climate: explores digital technologies that promote the adoption of climate-friendly solutions in the agriculture sector and help to mitigate the impact of climate change in LMICs.
  3. Digital Inclusion: highlights approaches and solutions that are helping to bridge the digital divide, particularly amongst vulnerable and marginalized populations, so that all agri-food system actors can benefit from the digital economy.
  4. Digital & Data Sovereignty: will explore solutions and approaches that put farmers and other agri-food system actors in control over how their data is used, as well as giving them an increased stake in the governance and decision making of digital solutions they use.

Your participation is integral to the success of the overall conference, and this year, like all others, we’re keen to hear from our stakeholder group that includes entrepreneurs, innovators, agriculturists, foundations, development professionals, researchers, experts, and enthusiasts.

Submit Your Session Idea

In keeping with the locally-led theme of the conference, we want your help designing this year’s conference.

  • Are these topics or issues that you think we should cover?
  • Do you have suggestions for compelling speakers?
  • Are you interested in hosting your own in-person event that plugs into the virtual conference?
  • What would you want to see to excite you about ICTforAg 2022?

Please share your thoughts on these questions and more to help us create a great event.

Register Now to Attend ICTforAg 2022

ICTforAg 2022 will be free for all to attend and since it’s virtual we don’t have any attendance caps. Register to today to assure that you will have exclusive access to all of the pre-conference activities we’ll be organizing.

Please register now to apply to attend ICTforAg 2022.

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One Comment to “Please Register Now: ICTforAg 2022 – The Digital Agriculture Conference”

  1. Libolio Kithaghenda says:

    In Uganda and Africa at large, Agriculture is the most vital sector. It is absolutely essential for every person’s survival. Agriculture’s Emerging Trends are a primary driver of the sector’s expansion. Emerging agricultural trends imply new technology and strategies that get more sophisticated with time. It has been noticed that the agriculture sector worldwide has undergone significant changes over the previous several decades, and new technologies have also expanded in this sector. The sector is expanding as a result of all of these factors. Agriculture’s recent advancements have made farming activities more acceptable and comfortable for farmers. These developments or trends benefit not just the growth of agriculture, but also the conditions of farmers.

    There is an urgent need for the small scale farmers to congregate with reputable researchers, academicians, plant science experts, agriculturists, horticulturists, scientists, botanists, biotechnologists, industrialists and politicians to learn more from their recent findings of research and case studies recently obtained worldwide, especially those that provide networking and collaboration opportunities. At prominent conferences, farmers learn about the newest trends and difficulties in the agriculture sector, and in many cases,they take full advantage of everything the Conferences offer. I am hopeful that this conference shall be one of the most important and widespread conferences for presenting cutting-edge research in the fields of agriculture and allied fields. It is my sincere hope also that this conference shall promote communication among farmers, academicians and practitioners from other scientific fields who share an interest in enhancing Agricultural approaches. I am very happy to learn that Agri 2022 also provides an opportunity to hold a plenary talks, oral and poster presentations, workshop, seminar, or expo to explore new opportunities in agricultural domains and associated sectors. I remain looking forward to attend the conference virtually. Thank you very much.