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Join Us Now: Global Coronavirus Response Online Workshop

By Wayan Vota on March 12, 2020

covid digital health workshop

WHO just announced that COVID-19 is a global pandemic. Novel coronavirus infections reached epidemic levels multiple regions of the world, including 120,000 confirmed cases in 119 countries, with over 4.300 deaths from COVID-19.

There are also more than 66,500 people who have fully recovered from this disease, and multiple rhinoviruses and coronaviruses are already endemic in humans.

National governments, international donors, and private companies are responding with travel bans, meeting cancellations, and even amidst global stock market declines, over $8.3 billion in financial assistance to the WHO and low- and middle-income countries to support international COVID response.

Global Coronavirus Response Workshop

Please RSVP now to join us today at 8:30am Eastern Time for a special convening of the Global Digital Health Network to explore how we can support the COVID-19 response, online and in-person thanks to JSI and IntraHealth International.

We expect global participation from 500 donor, government, and health workers who are looking for coronavirus response solutions for low- and middle-income countries around the world.

Our interactive agenda will start with an update on coronavirus infections, including the latest information on how its spreading and what’s effective in reducing its impact. We’ll hear about what national health systems are doing to prepare and mitigate COVID-19 impact. We’ll also revisit lessons learned from the West African Ebola response.

Next we’ll break into small working groups to explore the challenges in responding to coronavirus, and identify use cases where digital development solutions like these can be utilized in COVID response. Finally, we’ll hear from solution providers on key disease response innovations, and wrap up with ideas on the way forward.

COVID Response
Thursday, March 12
8:30AM – 12PM EDT
Worldwide Online
RSVP is Required to attend

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The corona virus is a global infections disease epidemic and we are exploring how digital development solutions can be used for COVID response by donors, governments, and health workers with posts on related issues, including:

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2 Comments to “Join Us Now: Global Coronavirus Response Online Workshop”

  1. Jeremiah Tellewoyan says:

    Thanks you so much for the efforts in helping to make the world a safer place for all; I am of the option that we need to provide free online tutorials and hotlines numbers for a one stop shop for support not only for Countries that are affected but for all especially for Countries in Africa with history of poor health systems

  2. Idris says:

    Safety precautions major has to take place first, educate people on this coronavirus issue and how to be safe about it, let there be releif materials that can be shared door to door and also educate them on how to make use of it for lesser privilege people that can not afford it. all hands on deck, we have to save lifes. less all put our hand together God the almighty will see us through