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Girl Effect Girl Safeguarding Policy: Digital Privacy, Security, Safety Principles & Guidelines

By Guest Writer on May 16, 2016


As Girl Effect has begun to integrate more digital tools and platforms into our work, we have become increasingly attentive to girls’ digital privacy, security and safety, especially as we are helping many girls to access the Internet for the first time.

Knowing that girls and women face higher levels and specific forms of online discrimination and harassment than boys and men, we want to do all we can to make girls’ online experiences healthy and welcoming by creating safe environments for girls and by helping girls become more aware of how they can protect themselves online.
This first version of Girl Effect’s Digital Privacy, Safety and Security Guide is aimed at providing our staff and partners with guidance on how we will protect girls who are using the digital tools that we create and/or promote. It is built on a set of principles that keep the girl and her privacy, security and safety at the center of all that we do.

The guide outlines how we will approach digital initiatives and programs involving girls. It offers a framework to better protect girls’ personal information and privacy and to ensuring that the content we provide or source does not put girls at risk.

It lists the kinds of questions we need to ask our partners, sponsors or vendors before engaging in partnership agreements, and helps us consider how we go about collecting, using, storing and disposing of data that we gather as part of our digital tools and platforms, as well as when we are conducting monitoring, evaluation, learning and research activities.

The Girl Effect’s Digital Privacy, Safety and Security Guide was developed by Linda Raftree with support and input from different Girl Effect teams. It is based on research, focus group discussions with experts in the field, and input from girls themselves.

The contents of this guide are being published under a creative commons license so that others are free to use parts of it and/or build on it for their own work. We welcome comments and feedback at [email protected] so that we can continually improve in this area. We will update the guide as culture and habits shift, laws and frameworks change, and new tools and data science capabilities emerge.

We look forward to your thoughts and comments!

By Colman Chamberlain, Director of Connectivity Girl Effect

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