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Introducing 16 Exciting Global Digital Development Forum Side Sessions

By Wayan Vota on April 28, 2022

gddf 2022

The Global Digital Development Forum 2022 had so many great session submission ideas – over 470! – that we added a second day of events. GDDF is now May 4-5 2022, with over 20 hours of unique content – you’ve RSVP’ed right?

Introducing GDDF Side Sessions

In fact, we had so many great ideas that we helped create additional side sessions. These independently organized events are facilitated by your digital development colleagues on May 5-6 outside the GDDF platform. The 16 additional breakout sessions will help you dive deep into multiple different topics.

We’ve highlighted six great sessions below that you can RSVP for right now. Learn more about them and the other 11 sessions on the GDDF 2022 Agenda:

May 5th, 2022

  • 7:00 GMT: How Can Open Source Drive the Growth of Local Digital Innovations in Uganda?  Join us to discuss the pros and cons of open source digital innovations, successful digital public goods promotions, and barriers or incentives for uptake. This session will also kick-off Open Source for Equality which aims to create local ecosystems where open software for development thrives and contributes to the Sustainable Development Goals.
  • 10:30 GMT Design Anywhere, Manufacture Here – Exploring Local Manufacturing Platforms: COVID revealed a fragile and inefficient global manufacturing and long supply chains are in emergency situations. What if we could manufacture PPE, medical devices, or anything, locally anywhere? Given current and emerging technology, what would production look like if we reconfigured it to be sustainable, globally networked, local manufacturing?
  • 11:30 GMT Strategies for Addressing Mis and Dis-information in Eastern and Central Europe: With the Russian invasion and war in Ukraine, already existing propaganda and disinformation campaigns are accelerating throughout Eastern and Central Europe. Together with cyberattacks and other digital incursions, this makes everyone more vulnerable. Learn from those on the front lines how you can help build trust and civil society literacy for authentic information in your programs.
  • 17:00 GMT How War in Europe Illuminates Cracks in Global Humanitarian Response: The Ukraine crisis has exposed many weaknesses in the movement of people, goods and services to support impacted populations. Global generosity has only exacerbated this dynamic, and the desire to solve these problems with new technology that end in the Dead App Cemetery. Let’s define a process that can prevent unnecessary havoc and create better outcomes.

May 6th, 2022

GDDF 2022 Platform is Now Open!

Since you’ve obviously registered for GDDF 2022 that is taking place from 4:00 to 20:00 GMT on May 4th and 13:00 to 16:30 GMT on May 5th, you can now sign in to the conference site.

There you can watch Tech Demos and start Networking Discussion today and choose among the 150+ surprising keynotes, captivating lightning talks, and engaging breakout session featuring three topical threads spanning the entire 20-hour conference:

  • Locally-led development and how to harness local digital ecosystems
  • Climate Change and how digital development can respond to this mega-threat
  • Emerging technologies and how they can be useful, not just another fad

FREE registration is required to access the virtual platform and participate in #GDDF2022’s live sessions, join networking sessions, or watch pre-recorded sessions.

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