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Please RSVP Now: Frontiers of Digital Development Forum 2022

By Wayan Vota on October 3, 2022

Frontiers Digital Development Forum

Please RSVP Now for the Frontiers of Digital Development Forum on November 1-2 – a hybrid forum for tough conversations on frontier technology brought to you by TechChange, USAID, Chemonics, Digital Impact Alliance, DAI, Premise, and Google.

Building On GDDF Success

The Global Digital Development Forum (GDDF) has become the premiere virtual conference for ICT4D practitioners to discuss current innovations and learning. Feedback from the 2500+ participants at GDDF 2022 revealed an urgent need to critically examine emerging technology applications for international development.

Frontiers of Digital Development Forum (FDDF) builds on the Global Digital Development Forum to consider more aspirational technologies and their practical utility (or lack thereof) for large-scale humanitarian and development objectives. FDDF will feature tough conversations on polarizing topics concerning emerging ICT4D trends. Conversations that require tech companies, policymakers, funders, innovators, and implementers to come together at the same table.

Dynamic Format. Provocative Conversations.

Please RSVP Now! FDDF will convene key players from the public, private, and social sectors around the world to discuss the highs, lows, and considerations for emerging technologies in the digital development space during curated sessions on TechChange’s signature online platform and in-person at Capital Turnaround in Washington D.C.

Sessions are going to be different, lively, and interactive – especially the in-person breakouts. Key conference themes (in bold) and selected draft sessions include:

  • Our Digital Economy Future: Smoke or Substance?
    • Shall We Put Carbon Credits on Blockchain?
    • Do Central Bank Digital Currencies Support the Poor?
  • Who Owns our Digital Future?
    • Feminist and Critical Perspectives of AI from the Global South
    • Data Capitalism or Data Cooperative?
  • Connecting and Powering the Future:
    • Where’s Waldo and Do They Want to be Found? Ethical Considerations for Earth Observation Data
    • How Ukraine is Winning the War on Information Systems
  • Simulating Reality: Will it make Reality Better?
    • Indigenous Storytelling in the Metaverse
    • Burka Avenger! Super Heros Wear More Than Capes
  • Meeting Human Needs with Aspirational Technologies:
    • Can Edge Technologies Reach Across the Last Mile?
    • Delivering on Safety, Security, and Information needs of Eastern Europeans
  • Digital Tech Meets Political Rhetoric:
    • Are We Building a Digital Public Infrastructure Dystopia?
    • Forget Unicorns! Are Zebras the Future of Sustainable Development?

Hybrid: In-Person and Online

Please RSVP Now to enjoy an in-person Day 1 at the Capital Turnaround in Washington, DC where you can meet people in real life and enjoy the full sensory experience seeing your friends, making new ones, and joining your peers for a hands-on tech demo and happy hour networking. Day 2 will be fully virtual.

  • Tuesday, November 1: hybrid, virtual, and in-person conversations, workshops, networking, and tech demo exhibitions for in-person attendees in Washington, DC and online on the TechChange platform.
  • Wednesday, November 2: virtual conversations, workshops, networking, and tech demo exhibitions on the TechChange platform.

TechChange will keep the in-person experience intimate and interactive with a very limited number of in-person tickets. Get yours now!  Personally, I’m excited to leave Zoom-land and see people in real life again.

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One Comment to “Please RSVP Now: Frontiers of Digital Development Forum 2022”

  1. I will only be able to attend both sessions/days virtually. I am looking forward to the event and hope to meet people involved in digital transformation and ecosystem, especially from the field, that I have not yet worked with in the Africa, LAC, Asia and MERP regions.