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Please RSVP Now to Engage with Global Agriculture Technology Leaders

By Wayan Vota on November 3, 2020

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The novel coronavirus pandemic has an immense impact on healthcare across the African continent. COVID-19 is also impacting economic livelihoods. The World Bank estimates that agricultural production in Africa could contract by 7%, directly impacting family incomes and their investment in education, health, and other necessities.

Many poor and marginalized communities across the developing world may now fear food insecurity and hunger as a greater or more immediate threat than the coronavirus.

Two upcoming agriculture technology conferences promise to bring together diverse, virtual global audiences, engaging experts and enthusiasts who want to build resilient, food secure communities. Please RSVP now to join their interactive experiences, technical discussions, and practical collaboration across the agritech community.

Please RSVP for Cultivate Africa

Cultivate-Africa is a free virtual conference hosted by the African Union Commission on November 17-18, 2020 to discuss the COVID-19 challenge to agriculture in the AU member states.

The Technology & Innovation track will investigate cutting edge ideas with innovators and executives debating the evolving landscape of technology-driven solutions and services in supply chain, finance, and marketplace in response to the pandemic.

The event expects to identify innovative approaches for consolidating regional and in-country partnerships to play visible and effective roles in the fight against effects of the pandemic on agriculture and food systems in Africa.

Please RSVP Now for Cultivate-Africa

Please RSVP for ICTforAg 2020

ICTforAg 2020 is advancing resilience, nutrition, and agriculture-led growth in a digital world. Now sponsored by USAID’s Feed the Future initiative, the free virtual event will be on November 18, 2020.

ICTforAg will focus on the role of digital agriculture in preparing for and responding to local and global disruption and the impacts of cutting edge technologies such as artificial intelligence, satellite imagery, and drones.

The event will also look at how development organizations engage with the private sector and how they can create environments for sustainable systems change that moves beyond individual farmers, empowers smallholder farmers, and bridges the digital gender divide.

Please RSVP Now for ICTforAg 2020

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