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Get a Dream ICT4D Job and Fulfill Your Key New Year’s Resolution Now

By Wayan Vota on January 1, 2021

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Do you love your job? I mean really love your work? Or do you struggle through your day, bored and disappointed, because that pays the bills?

Might it be time to look for a dream job? A role where it doesn’t even feel like “work” but more like a dream that pays. Could it be time for you to look for a dream job in ICT4D?

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ICT4D Jobs features 20+ job opportunities every two weeks, with everything from entry-level positions to senior management roles for development experts and technologists  that can conceptualize, and implement digital development solutions.

Here’s a few current job opportunity examples we share in our job newsletters:

ICT4D Jobs Benefits

ICT4D Jobs bi-weekly newsletters are perfect for project managers, software developers, and program directors who want to:

  • Start an amazing career using the tools of technology to improve people’s lives around the world
  • Advance in their digital development career and grow their technology and management skills and experience.
  • Understand understand technology trends, know which organizations are innovative, and see future directions in development funding.

You can also get personalized career coaching on how to find, apply for, and get your dream position. We give you the secret to networking your way to a new role, how to thrive and succeed in it, and how to know when its time to move on, and leave your company in good standing.

Employers: Hire the Best ICT4D Experts

Our 4,000 subscribers are digital development professionals who rely on ICT4D Jobs to start and grow their career. We can help you reach them and find your perfect candidate through our bi-weekly newsletter or a custom announcement.

Post Your ICT4D Job Now

Employers can post job openings for free in our bi-weekly newsletter. Each newsletter is opened by thousands of digital development professionals with the skills and experience necessary for entry-level to senior level positions.

You can also pay to feature your job in a special email newsletter unique to your organization. We’ll  provide email open and click-through rates to help you judge the effectiveness of your efforts.

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