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How to Create Digital Reading Programs for Your Library or School

By Guest Writer on August 18, 2021

digital reading

Having a digital reading device is like having a library in your hands. Digital reading gives library patrons access to an instant library of books that never closes. The goal of a digital reading program is that people in your community will read more and read better. Digital reading can support your community by:

  • Providing locally-relevant books,
  • Increasing patronage at your library,
  • Building local partnerships with surrounding schools and community
  • Realizing cost-savings due to increased delivery efficiencies and reductions
    in print costs,
  • Using data systems that provide real-time feedback and user tracking on
    reading behavior,
  • Providing accessible content to those with print disabilities.
  • Strengthening digital literacy skills
  • Contributing towards the UN Sustainability Goals and development

Digital Reading Integration Toolkit

The Digital Reading Integration Toolkit is a guide for libraries and community centers by the Local Content for Africa Libraries (LOCAL) initiative, which itself is a legacy framework of the Gates Global Libraries initiative.

The Digital Reading Integration Toolkit has five modules to help libraries work to drive forward national development agendas and act as essential resources for providing equitable access to information.

Module 1: Why Digital Reading?
Reasons for bringing a digital reading program into your library or community with recommendations on how to select a site, considerations before entering into a digital reading project, and ways digital reading can support learning.

Module 2: Getting Stakeholder Buy in on Digital Reading Programming
How to encourage stakeholder buy-in and support for your digital reading program. It will walk you through some proven methods for using digital reading to leverage funds for your library or school and advocate for your digital reading program.

Module 3: Acquiring Digital Content
How to work with publishers to acquire digital content. It also provides a list of digital content curation services and open-source digital content libraries where you can download free content for your reading program onto available digital devices.

Module 4: Incorporating Digital Reading Into Your Library
How to design and implement a successful digital reading program for libraries from planning to launch, training, and roll-out. Read through this module before you design your project to help guide you through your planning and implementation process.

Module 5: Sustaining Your Digital Reading Program
Provides some tips for how to sustain your digital reading program including allocating funding for device replacements and new content acquisition, tips and tricks for acquiring necessary funding from stakeholders, and how to responsibly recycle broken devices.

If you are interested in additional support for your digital reading program, please reach out to Worldreader to find out more about partnership opportunities.

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