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Apply Now: Digital Financial Services Bootcamp with Gates Foundation

By Wayan Vota on January 28, 2019

digital financial services

Mobile money and banking payment systems currently operate in silos across most African countries. This locks customers, agents, and banks into rigid systems that increase costs and reduce innovation for the 2 billion people who don’t have a formal bank account or affordable financial services.

Mojaloop Financial Services Technology

In response, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation supported the development of Mojaloop, a new open-source software platform for creating a real-time, interoperable digital financial services systems on a national scale.

Orange Group and MTN Group, the two largest mobile operators and mobile money providers in Africa, are building on Mojaloop. They are creating the Mowali Mobile Wallet service to bring financial interoperability to over 100 Million mobile money accounts and mobile money operations in 22 of sub-Saharan Africas’s 46 markets.

Mowali functions as an industry utility, open to any mobile money provider in Africa, including banks, money transfer operators and other financial service providers. Mowali promises to revolutionize financial services across the continent.

Mojaloop Code Sprint Bootcamp

The DFS Lab is offering a group of leading technology and financial service companies an opportunity to work with the team behind the Mojaloop platform in a closed-door session to explore how Mojaloop can be used in digital financial services.

The 5-day design sprint and hackathon in Tanzania on April 8-12, 2019, will offer participants:

  • An in-depth look at the Mojaloop platform and possibilities
  • An opportunity to build solutions in collaboration with the platform developers,
  • A chance to prototype products and features on the Mojaloop stack.

Apply Now! Deadline is February 14, 2019

Mulitple leading payments and fintech innovators have already confirmed interest and been accepted to participate, including Hover, Famoco, Jumo, Juvo and others.

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