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3 Tips for Better Data Visualization of Your Project Outcomes

By Tech Change on October 23, 2019

data visualization course

The  value of good data visualization is imminently apparent for those of us that work in international development. How we tell stories with data and communicate impact effectively demands a strong command of both art and science, and is becoming an increasingly critical skill set for professionals in our field.

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During the four-week online course, we share tips and tricks for improving your visuals and creating greater impact. Here are three quick tips to start with:

1. Reduce the clutter/chart junk

data ink ratio

So many of our graphics in international development are littered with chart junk: 3d elements, drop shadows, background colors, gridlines, dual axes, patterns, cute graphics, and other unnecessary clutter.

Famed data visualization expert Edward Tufte underscores this through the concept of data-ink ratio. In other words, how much ink does it take to communicate your data and how might you reduce it?

2. Label your data directly.

labels for dataviz

Consider scrapping the legend for your graphic and embedding text labels directly into your graphic. Legends make your viewers have to work harder. Embedded text will make it easier for your viewer to understand your point.

Data visualization expert Stephanie Evergreen lays out  a series of fantastic resources for how to do this well as well as resources for how to choose the right chart type on her blog, EvergreenData.

3. Use color intentionally.

color for dataviz

Too often we see charts with lots of colors that distract from the key message or point. Worse, some charts just use the stock Microsoft colors for their graphics. Consider using color to make your point, and fade all other data into the background.

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