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Apply Now: $1 Million for New Biometric Tools and Chatbots for Digital Financial Services

By Wayan Vota on May 8, 2017

Caribou Digital has launched the DFS Tech imitative to engage scientists, researchers, and engineers to solve hard technical challenges in financial inclusion, with over $1 million in start-up funding, expert advice, industry data, shared resources, access to partners, and deep knowledge of local populations and markets.

Their first Request for Proposals focuses on two unique challenges. Apply today! May 30th is the deadline for both awards.

New Biometrics

Low income people often lack valid identity documents, which can prevent them from accessing necessary financial services and government benefits, yet new opportunities to leverage digital identity solutions are rapidly becoming common place – chief among them national biometric databases.

DFS Lab is seeking proposals for fingerprint capture technologies which are purely software based, robust to spoofing, and can capture and verify fingerprints using only the sensors (i.e. camera) on an unmodified Android smartphone.

Click here for more information and application forms

Digital Advocate Chatbots

Low income people are often challenged to deal with complex formal systems dominated by written rules, complex documents, formal (vs colloquial) language, non-local language, and cultural norms that disadvantage them from gaining essential financial products and services; asserting their rights; or claiming critical government benefits.

DFS Lab is seeking proposals to engineer innovative natural language virtual assistants and chat-bots to act as guides, advisers, and advocates for the millions of low income people around the world who interact with these systems every day.

Click here for more information and application forms

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