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Win $250,000 for Innovative Solar Power and Customer Financing Systems

By Wayan Vota on December 18, 2009

Solar energy provides a clean, sustainable, and reliable electrical source. Yet solar power is expensive and in the developing world, buyers often do not have the ability to purchase these systems. So they buy dirty, unreliable, but cheap petrol and diesel generators instead.

Looking for a new solar power

The Solar for All initiative wants to revolutionize this situation by creating systemic change in the entire solar PV value chain and related financial services so solar energy can be affordable to the 1.6 billion people without access to electricity. They’ll achieve that change with three interlocking efforts:

1. $250,000 for New Solar Power Designs
Solar For All is sponsoring a design contest for manufacturers and PV system integrators to develop a “perfectly” designed and adapted solar PV system for rural electrification. The winner receiving a $250,000 investment by Deutsche Bank Americas Foundation.

2. $100 Million for Solar Investments & Financing
The Solar for All investment fund will support the entire solar ecosystem – raw material supply to the production of wafers, PV cells, solar panels, and other components – to make solar energy systems and low energy appliances available and affordable to lower income communities. It also will have financing for social enterprise distributors and end users.

3. Solar Industry Capacity Building
Solar for All is not stopping at chaining the solar power equipment or its financing, they also want to aggregate off-grid PV distributors to create a unified voice for them in industry, government and international development organizations.

Apply to Win Today!

The “Solar for All” contest is now open. “Solar for All” is looking for organizations that demonstrate either:

  1. Innovative PV off-grid power supply solutions for low-income end-users in developing countries. These may be solar home systems, mini-grids, hybrid solutions or PV systems with special applications as long as they produce AC or DC power and are focused on end-users.
  2. Market-based approaches with business plans, market penetration strategies, or end-user financing – applicants may focus on one or on several of these aspects.

Apply today and good luck improving PV systems and the financing schemes to purchase them.

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