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VC4Africa Business Plan Meetup Success in Amsterdam

By Ben White on June 18, 2010

At Venture Capital and Private Equity in Africa (VC4Africa), an online community for investors and entrepreneurs dedicated to building business on the continent we believe it is important we meet ‘offline’ as we do ‘online.’

For 9 months we have been using the BarCamp model (an international network of user generated conferences – open, participatory workshop/events, whose content is provided by participants) to organize our very own series of VC4Africa Meetups.

Already we have hosted VC4Africa meetups in Johannesburg, Abuja, Kampala, Nairobi (2x), Kigali, London, Washington DC, San Francisco, New York and Atlanta. We like this open format because it means that anyone can participate. Any member of VC4Africa can organize a meeting in their area whenever they feel there is a need.

VC4Africa Amsterdam

For the first Amsterdam meeting we hosted 18 entrepreneurs with vetted business plans. And not just from East Africa but from Mozambique, Ghana, Congo and Niger too! Can you believe that? Thanks to BiD Network for preparing the entrepreneurs and their plans.

Needless to say, this was a great chance to connect them with possible partners and investors. Also friends and other people curious to meet them.

We had over 50 members join the networking event and facilitates many discussions between entrepreneur and investors. We also had the chance to introduce the new VC4Africa logo and handed out t-shirts and stickers to members attending!

As with all VC4Africa Meetups, they are simply a place for members to meet one another and share thoughts and ideas. No speeches, no agenda, nothing planned. The loose structure allows for lots of networking. Just remember, everyone is expected to pay for their own drinks.

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I am a business professional with several years of international experience. I have worked in project management, consultancy and business development. I have worked in Europe, Central/Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Africa. I work with both the public and private sector.

Recently I founded VC4Africa.com as a platform for connecting investors and entrepreneurs dedicated to building new businesses on the continent. I actively support Appfrica Labs, iHub, Limbe Labs and other incubation platforms in the African tech startup space. I am currently working to develop a tech entrepreneurship program at Hivos.
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One Comment to “VC4Africa Business Plan Meetup Success in Amsterdam”

  1. Ben says:

    For people interested in VC4Africa.com and our work please check out a video made at our latest event in Amsterdam. We look forward to connecting with anyone and everyone who believes in the power of entrepreneurship!