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Top Highlights from the #ICTchat Twitter Discussion on Digital Payments

By Jana Melpolder on December 5, 2014

Yesterday’s #ICTchat Twitter Chat was a huge success! Our #ICTchat hashtag brought in over 2.5 million impressions on Twitter with 839 tweets and 135 contributors. Our participants were from The United States, Uganda, and Nigeria to name a few. Thanks to everyone who participated, especially to USAID, NetHope, Better Than Cash Alliance, GBI, UNCDF, and GSMA.

What were some of the highlights of the chat? Here are the three questions we asked with a few answers, some of which were from our four outstanding leaders:

Q1: How are digital payments safer for those making and receiving payments in developing countries?





Q2: What digital payments consumer protection standards and best practices are emerging for transparency in fees and terms of service?





Q3: GSMA recently released a code of conduct for mobile money operators. What does this do and what does it mean for transparency?




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Jana Melpolder worked for over two years as an editor for ICTworks. She is passionate about bringing human rights issues to the forefront through ICT in the developing world, and she has reported on development programs from several countries including Bolivia, Ghana, Thailand and India. Follow her on Twitter: @JanaMelpolder
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