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Technology Salon: How Are We Making Affordable Broadband Internet Access a Reality?

By Aaron Mason on April 4, 2014


San Francisco Technology Salon: Sign Up to Get Invited

We all know that broadband connectivity is an accelerant for social and economic development. The last year has seen an explosion of projects focused on bringing connectivity to developing areas, from balloons and drones to satellites and wireless ISPs. But what does affordable broadband access really mean, and how can we accelerate connectivity?

Mobile operators will play a role, as will ISPs, national backbones, sea cable operators and the private ICT ecosystem. In fact, in driving better access there will be policy, regulatory, financial and cultural challenges, all of which will take many actors working together to achieve impact.

But how do we start, and what are the projects currently underway? What are you working on right now, and what advice do you have for the international development players? The technology community? Or the US and other governments? What levers and leverage can we employ make broadband ubiquitous?

Come to the next Technology Salon for a lively discussion on both the new ways in which we’re supercharging broadband using technology today, and where we see the next big leaps tomorrow. We’ll be joined by some of the largest players in the valley working on the software, hardware and infrastructure components of broadband delivery  including:

  • Ann Mei Chang, Founder of A4AI
  • Jennifer Haroon, Principle, Access Strategy & Operations at Google
  • Mark Summer, Founder of Inveneo / Volo

Remember, you need to RSVP now to attend as we will reach capacity fast.

Making Affordable Broadband Access a Reality
San Francisco Technology Salon
Thursday, April 17th
9:30 – 11:30 a.m.
Vodafone Americas Foundation
275 Shoreline Dr., Suite 400
Redwood City, CA 94065

We’ll have hot coffee and catered breakfast for a morning rush, but seating is limited. So RSVP ASAP to be confirmed for attendance: once we reach our 30-person capacity there will be a waiting list!

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Aaron Mason is a technology and development expert with experience in design, analytics, ICT and disaster response. Follow him on Twitter: @Aaron_Mason
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