Practical Insights on Cybercafe

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What is a Modern CyberCafe?

Modern Internet cyber cafes are business where customers can check email, chat online, play online games, and meet friends in a casual atmosphere. Cybercafes typically offer food and drinks in addition to computer services to increase profits.

Who Are Internet Cafe Customers?

Today internet cafes can be found all around the world. Cybercafés normal target audience are youth, women, and poor people. They bridge the digital divide and give internet access to marginalized communities.

Profitable CyberCafe Business Services

Many users go to Internet cybercafes for better equipment, to get help from venue staff, and to work with friends. Customers also enjoy more privacy and less competition for computers than when home with family members. Patrons have many more reasons to frequent public Internet access venues.

Internet CyberCafe Business Plans

Starting an internet cybercafe business can be challenging for entrepreneurs. A business plan will help you to gather important information, create profitable services, and decide on the location format. There are as many business plan ideas as there are Internet services. Entrepreneurs will need to read posts like those below to get an idea for their Internet cafe.

Cybercafes: Still Vibrant and Viable Business Model

Cybercafes: Still Vibrant and Viable Business Model

Published on: Sep 19 2009 by Wayan Vota - 1 Comment
In reading Miquel Balsa’s post, The decline of Senegalese (and maybe all) internet cafes, I was struck by the suggestion that public internet access points...
Kenya Investing Ksh16.3 Billion in Rural ICT

Kenya Investing Ksh16.3 Billion in Rural ICT

Published on: Jul 29 2009 by Wayan Vota - 1 Comment
With the eminent arrival of Seacom and Teams broadband infrastructure to Kenya, it’s Minister for Finance, Uhuru Kenyatta, proposed three major investments...