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By Tech Change on November 13, 2017

blockchain course

Does blockchain technology really possess the potential to transform international development sectors ranging from education to health to agriculture? Can it offer tangible value beyond digital currencies?

This is a hot topic today. At MERL Tech DC, how to use blockchain in the real world for refugees and land tenure was one of the most well-attended sessions. A recent oversubscribed Technology Salon explored How to Bring Blockchain to Your Programs?

Both events explored challenge and opportunities involved in connecting the world’s poorest to the global economy through distributed ledger technologies in Ghana and across sub-Saharan Africa. Both sessions also raised questions, including:

  • How tech-savvy does a person or organization have to be to leverage this technology?
  • When should an organization invest in dedicated teams to pursue blockchain?
  • How does blockchain compare to other technologies like mobile money?
  • What is the interplay between blockchain technology and national ID systems?
  • Is blockchain really secure with so much focus on hacking scandals and cyber threats?

Please register now for TechChange’s inaugural four-week online certificate course in blockchain technologies.

Use “ICTWorks345” discount code to join this first of its kind course exploring answers to the questions above from January 22 – February 16, 2018. We will cut through the hype and evaluate blockchain technology on its tangible potential for:

  • Improving international remittances
  • Facilitating supply chain management
  • Validating citizen voting practices
  • Introducing smart contracting
  • Certifying land tenure
  • Increasing refugee support
  • Supporting educational credentialing
  • Streamlining health record storage

Register now to consider policy and regulatory frameworks, validation models, security concerns, limitations of access and digital literacy, and the many other constraints facing this nascent movement with interactive guest expert presentations from the following practitioners, software developers, and data scientists:

We are working on confirming additional speakers, resources, and case studies. If you have any ideas, leave them in the comments below.

The blockchain course will include a unique hands-on learning environment with animated videos, technology demos, practical activities, networking events, immersive simulations, and examples of early case studies from the Gates Foundation, Ben Ben, World Food Programme, and more.

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TechChange provides online professional development in technology and social change for implementers in public health, emergency response, and monitoring and evaluation. TechChange connects them with relevant content, experts, and certification using their facilitated learning platform.
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