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By Wayan Vota on October 28, 2013


The continued growth of the ICT4D field and surrounding community has led to many participants organising and coordinating their efforts in order to learn and engage with each other. This has been seen through the numerous mailing lists, discussion forums, and meet-ups that have sprung up.

The academic community has joined this drive in one way they know how – by organising a conference specifically targeted at ICTD research. The ICTD conference is in it’s 6th year, and has grown to be the largest and most recognised conference in the field.

The Sixth International Conference on Information and Communication Technologies and Development (ICTD2013) will be hosted at the University of Cape Town, December 7 – 10 2013. ICTD2013 is held in cooperation with ACM SIGCHI and ACM SIGCAS and ICTD is the world’s premier conference examining the role of computers and communications in social, economic and political development.

Although some sessions are strictly academic (plenary talks of peer-reviewed papers), many others are open to the community, and look at the interaction of academia with the public and private sectors. The Demos session is one of these.

This session will provide students, researchers, and practitioners with an international audience to showcase their work to. Demos may span novel hardware or software systems, video footage, or physical artefacts, amongst others. Commercial tools, and government initiatives are also welcome, as long as they have some relevance to the community.

More information about the conference and details of participation can be found at: http://ictd2013.info/

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