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Introducing the VC4Africa Matchmaking Business Plan Cruncher

By Ben White on November 4, 2010

Ever go to a website where you had to spend 3-4 hours uploading your business plan? And maybe then you never heard from a real person again? There is probably nothing more frustrating to an entrepreneur. I mean lets face it, time is money and every second you spend on documentation you could spend doing business.

So on the new VC4Africa website, we’ve launched a business plan cruncher to make a better matchmaking between you and investors.

Our matchmaking platform does things differently. Using plan cruncher we can get your plan online with a few simple mouse clicks. Any entrepreneur can breeze through the questions (with a Twitter limit of 140 characters) and actually have fun selecting the icons. Before you know it you have crunched your business idea into one page and it’s online.

Investors and other members can quickly scan your idea and ask you questions if they need clarification. They can also like your idea and help rank it to the top of the list. We capture all of this activity and interaction. At the end of the day it’s the best ideas and the most serious entrepreneurs who claim the top spot. It is these entrepreneurs that are the most likely to secure investment.

If you’d rather talk about your business plan in person, then come to our VC4Africa Meetups – the next one is 27 November at Toubab Dialaw in Dakar, Senegal.


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I am a business professional with several years of international experience. I have worked in project management, consultancy and business development. I have worked in Europe, Central/Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Africa. I work with both the public and private sector.

Recently I founded VC4Africa.com as a platform for connecting investors and entrepreneurs dedicated to building new businesses on the continent. I actively support Appfrica Labs, iHub, Limbe Labs and other incubation platforms in the African tech startup space. I am currently working to develop a tech entrepreneurship program at Hivos.
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