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Learn How Peer-to-Peer University is Hacking Higher Education

By Wayan Vota on September 10, 2010

Imagine imputing an object into a rigid four-year, $100,000+ process, hoping that when it finally leaves this system its a useful tool. That’s the current university system, where higher education resembled the Waterfall software development process.

Now contrast it with short bursts of learning using educational materials openly available online, with constant feedback on progress by your peers, and immediate application of skills learned, like the Agile software development process. That’s the change P2PU – Peer-to-Peer University seeks to accomplish with its disruptive innovation in the higher education system.

On Friday, September 17th, Philipp Schmidt, the director founder of Peer-to-Peer University and a fellow at the Shuttleworth Foundation, will be leading a Technology Salon to explain how he’s creating high-quality, low-cost, lifelong learning leveraging the Internet.

How P2PU is Hacking Higher Education
September SF Technology Salon
Friday, September 17, 8:30-10am
mission*social Conference Room
972 Mission Street, 5th Floor
San Francisco, CA 94103 (map)

You can join us in person by RSVP’ing by email. For those that can’t make the live session, look for a synopsis here.


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