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Apply Now: £250,000 for Innovation Solutions to Humanitarian Challenges

By Wayan Vota on January 8, 2024

With over 350 million people worldwide requiring humanitarian assistance – a number that is set to continue growing – now, more than ever, we are seeing the catalytic impact that funding localised innovation can have in helping support the development of solutions to local humanitarian challenges.

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There is an increasing demand to respond with innovative, impactful and scalable solutions powered by mobile and digital technology. Indeed, research has shown that innovations can be scalable and more sustainable in the long run when designed by those affected by the humanitarian challenges they themselves face.

GSMA Innovation Fund for Humanitarian Challenges

The GSMA Innovation Fund for Humanitarian Challenges will provide grants up to £250,000 and technical support to projects that leverage mobile and digital technology to pilot and scale solutions that address humanitarian challenges in low- and middle-income countries.

The Fund is interested for-profit companies with solutions that:

  • Prevent and minimise the impact of humanitarian crises.
  • Improve preparedness and response to sudden-onset crisis.
  • Focus on the well-being of internally displaced and refugee populations.
  • Are existing innovations that can be adapted or replicated in a new context.

The Fund will test and generate insights from innovative use-cases, partnerships and business models across selected geographies, to improve sustainability and scalability of digital-enabled solutions for those vulnerable to, or affected by, humanitarian crises.

Apply Now: Deadline is 12 February 2024

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10 Comments to “Apply Now: £250,000 for Innovation Solutions to Humanitarian Challenges”

  1. I here by humbly apply for the humanitarian aid to assist me in raising my business

  2. Hello,
    Betalife Empowerment Healthcare Educational and Environmental Initiative do humbly apply for humanitarian aid of $250,000 to start a telehealth services to give people in remote areas and the underserved in Nigeria the privilege to access fast, easy and affordable healthcare.

  3. I am interested in this aid. Kindly email details. l will be value to northeast Nigeria.

  4. Iberut Edangat Samson says:

    We would like to apply for a grant for innovation solution to humanitarian challenges. IT(Innovative Thinkers) Consulting and Training Co.U Ltd has been actively engaged in building capacities since 2011. We would therefore like to support our community of Internally Displaced Persons. Kindly send us application form or guidelines so that we can respond in time to beat the deadline. Thanks Sincerely, Samson – Director.

  5. Chinyere Nnamezie says:

    I will to Apply for the £250,000 To Predict Humanitarian Response Needs I have nonprofit foundation. https://chinyerefef.org. Chinyere-Florence Emmanuel Foundation (CFE) Inc.

  6. Fang Francis Yoh says:

    I wish to apply for £250,000 for birth registration of vulnerable children in Cameroon

  7. Sambadio ALASSANE says:

    Je souhaiterais une aide pour redonner une éducation aux enfants de la rue.
    Former les enfants pour un avenir meilleur.

  8. Ngabirano says:


  9. Tshabangu elias says:

    I have a non-profit organization, seeking support for youth affected by drugs. We request support to establish youth centre’s. We have doctors volunteers to rehabilitate the youth.

  10. Tshabangu elias says:

    Humanitarian support will assist us to rebuild the and the family to be releaved as the youth are dying every day.