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If You Could Have Unlimited Broadband, What Would You Use It For?

By Wayan Vota on February 17, 2014


Let’s take a moment to dream. Let’s imagine that you could have unlimited, high-speed broadband Internet access at a reasonable price or even for free, or could give it to your beneficiaries constituents. A Google Project Link for your very own use. What would you do with it?

When TechZim asked this question recently, the responses:

Ranged from those that want to consume more content (education, entertainment, social, business), those that would use it to create more content, those that would use it to host content more efficiently, to those that would share the connectivity. We got about 55 responses in total.

One of my favorites comes from Enycourse Ziira, who would introduce free internet cafes in rural schools and eLearning centres in all marginalised places, because finally, telecenters would be sustainable.

What else would be possible? Sustainable? And of course, reach scale, when bandwidth was no longer a barrier to ICT adoption or usage?

Come on – its a Friday. Be creative!

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One Comment to “If You Could Have Unlimited Broadband, What Would You Use It For?”

  1. Great, article, your ideas are good and i think i want to suggest to my boss, that we can visit you and talk more, we are in the process of pushing elearning in health training institutions. We are also in the process of thinking of ways and means of delivering updates to health workers in Kenya.