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Please RSVP Now! GDDF 2021 Agenda is Awesome in English, French, and Spanish

By Wayan Vota on April 15, 2021

Global Digital Development Forum

Please RSVP Now to join over 5,000 international development practitioners and technology experts at the Global Digital Development Forum on May 5, 2021 brought to you by USAID, Chemonics, Digital Impact Alliance, IntraHealth International, IREX, TechChange and Save the Children. GDDF 2021 builds on last year’s success featuring 2,600 people participating across 154 sessions in English and French.

Please RSVP for GDDF 2021 on May 5th

rsvp gddf 2021

Please RSVP Now to experience 120+ captivating talks and sessions, peer networking opportunities, and digital development technology demos showcasing community-driven sessions that explore digital development challenges and opportunities.

Our draft agenda showcases multiple events from 4:00-20:00 GMT on May 5th, across the workday from Asia, to Africa, to the Americas, including 14 lightning talks and breakout sessions in Spanish, and 8 in French.

Our draft agenda also features four topical threads spanning the entire 16-hour conference:

  • Artificial Intelligence in international development
  • Gender considerations to improve your programs
  • Information integrity during an infodemic
  • COVID-19 and its many impacts on our work

Here are a few highlights from this FREE event on TechChange‘s online learning platform that are specifically geared to LMIC practitioners interested in using technology to accelerate social and economic change:

  • USAID’s Digital Strategy: What Does It Mean for You? See how the Digital Strategy can support your work, what tools and outputs have been produced, exciting ways they have been used, outcomes to date, and what to expect in the future.
  • Bangladesh COVID19 Rumour Map: From Insights to Impact – How health workers trained to collect data in real-time can create a rumor visualization showing rumor intensity and demographics that can be used to dispel misinformation.
  • Applying AI in Development Contexts: Lessons from the Field: Explore how to appropriately and equitably implement artificial intelligence and/or machine learning in the context of real examples of global development projects.
  • Audience Segmentation to Support Differentiated High-Touch Services: Carefully designing your customer segments, can help you leverage technology to support more effective and efficient high-touch outreach efforts.
  • Health Bots: Sent From the Future with Life-saving Information: COVID-19 chatbots on WhatsApp and SMS that assess needs, tackle misinformation, and share reliable information with 2+ million people in in 43 countries
  • Unlocking the Key to Successfully Digitizing an Agribusiness: How three organizations in Uganda are improving their decision making processes with WhatsApp, ERP software, farmer payment software, and digital scales software.
  • Gendered Impact of Intentional Internet Shutdowns: Explore the impact of intentional Internet shutdowns across Africa  from the perspective of gender with a nuanced and interactive discussion.
  • Creating a Country Digital Transformation Roadmap…that Actually Works: Learn about the universal Digital & Cyber Security Maturity Assessment methodology and how you can use it in your country context.
  • How to Access USA Funding: A Practical Guide to Project Financing: Learn how you can find grants and contracts for your EduTech, AgriTech, and HealthTech solutions to scale nationwide and expand internationally.
  • Adapting Internet Freedom Technologies for Digital Development Projects: Explore the intersection of the Internet Freedom and ICT4D, where organizations are developing tools to defend citizens from internet shutdowns, and providing access to life-saving information to people living under censorship.
  • Discussing Colombia’s Digital Ecosystem with USAID: The first Digital Ecosystem Country Assessment was piloted in Colombia. Learn how USAID’s DECA is informing context-aware programming across the country.
  • Young, Brave, Digital: The Power of Networked Youth Leaders in Online Activism: Dive into an engaging discussion about opportunities & challenges for youth-led networks to leverage digital activism for impact at scale.

Please RSVP Now to be considered for participation. Because thousands of participants will join this unique online event from dozens of countries, we will have capacity limits to ensure a great conference. Don’t miss GDDF2021!

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