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Do We Have Too Many Theories in Digital Development?

By Guest Writer on September 19, 2019

ICT4D development theory

Theory of this, theory of that. It often feels as if we have a theory for everything in international development, and in ICT4D as a subset of overall development activity.

  • Are these theories for business development, M&E, or ICT4D effectiveness?
  • Do they sound like the same thing, just using new buzzwords?
  • Are you or your constituents able to make heads or tails of them all?

I would love your help to decipher international development theories. Through desktop research on communication media in development, I have found many theories being implemented and for different reasons.

Please take this quick survey on development theories.

The focus of this survey is on the relationship between donor objectives and implementing partners and practitioner knowledge of the theories and approaches embedded in project objectives and goals.

This research expands on earlier research completed relating to ICT4D (Zheng, 2018 and Sein, 2016) that examines the practitioner and their connection to theory and practice, and the resulting project implementation. This research is part of a larger project that will help guide the process for implementing organizations here in Malawi, and possibly elsewhere.

By Paul Neely, MA Development and Media, University of East Anglia

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