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Bringing Black Friday to Africa

By Wayan Vota on November 28, 2009

Black Friday is a uniquely American tradition – the day after a major holiday we all go shopping. But not just any type of shopping, Black Friday has become a frenzy of consumerism. Every year people are trampled to death or shot over a sale item. Crazy.

Yet, I’d love to have the same enthusiasm for shopping come to Africa. Not the consumerism blood sport, but the ability of the majority of Africans to buy the goods and services they need in a quick and efficient manner. So that makes me wonder – can you buy online and ship to Africa?

Somewhat to my surprise, Amazon.com does ship to Africa and if you’re lucky with customs, you can even get it by Christmas. TigerDirect.com also does international shipping, though you will need to call them directly to place an order. But alas, you’ll need a valid US credit card or bank account to make a purchase with either company.

Yet Office Depot, Staples, and even NewEgg only ship to US addresses. To get around this, you could set up a mail forwarding service that sends on your packages. This is not usually a cheap option. Last but not least, you may void warranties and have a trouble getting your purchases services outside the USA.

Luckily for Inveneo’s Certified ICT Partners, we offer an equipment purchasing service that allows our local partners to access all these sites and more at competitive rates. Our small part in bringing Black Friday to Africa.

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