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Are YOU the Lucky Winner of Our Apple Watch Contest?

By Jana Melpolder on September 25, 2015

ICTworks recently celebrated its 6th Birthday, and we did it in style by creating a reader’s feedback survey and giving away an Apple Watch as a survey participant prize.

We had 150 respondents share their insight as to what they like about ICTworks and where we can improve the site. Thanks to everyone who shared their thoughts on ICTworks. Overall, our readers really appreciate the direction of ICTworks. Here is what what said that best summarises the responses:

“I like that ICTworks covers a variety of topics, those I care about and those outside my niche but are still relevant to development. I love that you bring in so many well-written guest posts by folks with field-based expertise in different areas. I also really appreciate your sense of humor. You are professional about the work, but you do not take yourself too seriously at the same time.”

Yet we do have room for improvement. People mentioned that they want to see more practical posts, such as case studies, ‘How To’ guides and toolkits, with a blend of opinions and interviews thrown in. People also want more video and interactivity, and coverage of events outside of Washington, DC.

We are certainly taking all this into consideration and encourage you to help us improve. Please submit a Guest Post idea to help us increase our coverage of global digital development issues and events.

The survey also revealed insights into the ICTworks reasership that we’d like to share, including:

  • A little over half of ICTworks readers are from North America with a mostly even spread of readers everywhere else.
  • There’s a very nice and even spread of readers across organization sizes from small organizations focused on specific issues to large international organizations with global reach.
  • Almost 70% are either mid-level staff (5-10 years experience) or senior staff (10+ years experience)
  • We have awesome engagement rates, with over 75% of respondents reading ICTworks on a weekly basis. We see this in our user analytics, too, with 6,000 of 8,000 subscribers opening our emails on a weekly basis.

Thanks to you, our readers, ICTworks is a premier resource for the growing global ICT community. We look forward to publishing more high-quality articles, reports, and practical posts in the future that will not only help you in your career, but will better help your ICT projects flourish as well.

Oh and congratulations to our Apple Watch winner, Nicole Mauriello from U.S. Fund for UNICEF! She gave particularly detailed insight as to what was helpful to her profession as well as what we can do better.

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Jana Melpolder worked for over two years as an editor for ICTworks. She is passionate about bringing human rights issues to the forefront through ICT in the developing world, and she has reported on development programs from several countries including Bolivia, Ghana, Thailand and India. Follow her on Twitter: @JanaMelpolder
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