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Apply Now: $100,000 Grants for Your AI Climate Resilience Project

By Wayan Vota on July 2, 2024

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In May 2024, the world completed 12 consecutive months of record high temperatures, with the global average temperature 0.65 degrees celsius above the 1990–2020 average. While the effects are felt worldwide, emerging markets are disproportionately affected by rising temperatures. Overall, 3.3 billion people live in countries that are highly vulnerable to the effects of climate change.

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At the same time, we live in a time of dramatic technological advancement, creating opportunities to solve challenges in new ways. The advancement and reach of technology including smartphone and mobile internet penetration, big data, advanced analytics, artificial intelligence, and decentralization and Web3 are reshaping our ability to adapt to the changing climate.

$100,000 Grants for AI in Climate Resilience

Artificial Intelligence for Climate Resilience initiative seeks startups or organizations deploying innovative AI-based solutions for climate resilience for climate vulnerable people in Africa, Asia and Latin America. This fund is looking for solutions that benefit low-income and underserved populations that intersect AI with the following themes

1. Adaptive Agriculture

How can we feed the world without harming the environment? Can AI improve soil diagnostics, help scale regenerative agriculture, or make supply chains more efficient and less wasteful? We seek AI-based solutions that help smallholder farmers in emerging countries improve yields, protect the environment, transition to sustainable practices, and reduce waste, among others.

2. Inclusive Fintech

How can we facilitate financing for climate resilience? What role can AI play in increasing access to finance for smallholder farmers? We seek innovative financial solutions in the food and agriculture space that can unlock finance for climate resilience.

3. Climate Smart Technologies

How can AI help address other challenges related to strengthening climate resilience? For example, how can we protect forests, land, oceans and glaciers? How might AI enhance the use of renewable energy for productive use? We welcome ideas that leverage AI to strengthen the climate resilience of smallholder farmers, indigenous communities, and low-income communities.

Selected pilot partners will receive equity-free grants of up to $100,000 each, combined with mentorship, impact measurement advisory, access to partnership opportunities, knowledge exchange, and brand exposure.

Apply Now: Deadline is July 21, 2024.

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