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Today! #ICT4D Twitter Chat: How Can Social Networking Increase ICT4D?

By Wayan Vota on February 26, 2010

Don’t forget that we’re having a Twitter Chat today. We want to explore the impact of social networking technologies on businesses and communities in the developing world with our guides: ICTworks, Michael Downey, and Chloe Feinberg.

  1. Social networking is driving ICT adoption, but which tools, why, and to what extent?
  2. How can social networking increase donor, implementer, recipient participation in development?
  3. What are the gaps and limitations in social networking engagement – where doesn’t it work?

We’ll start at 12-noon Eastern Time ( noon worldwide ) with introductions, then move into the discussion, using the #ICT4D hashtag in Twitter.

For those not on Twitter, you can watch the action via the handy embed below or this separate webpage:

For those new to Twitter Chats, its a freewheeling conversation around our central questions on the Twitter platform. Our hope is to learn from each other and find ways we can increase our impact using social media.

We’ll archive the Chat too, in case you miss out.

Be sure to follow ICTworks on Twitter and RSVP today!


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One Comment to “Today! #ICT4D Twitter Chat: How Can Social Networking Increase ICT4D?”

  1. People in africa need a lot of training on internet used before being able to use effectively social networking tools