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Open Innovation Studio: Social Enterprise Collaboration in Cape Town

By Wayan Vota on July 23, 2010

In a world of increasing complexity organisations cannot afford to rely only on their own expertise and research. They need to associate, collaborate and share. And innovation is a network-endeavour. It relies on having visibility of and access to the right mix of talent, knowledge, resources and finance.

Open innovation is about combining internal and external ideas as well as internal and external methodologies to advance the development of new models, technologies and services.

To allow this to happen, Brightest Young Minds, a youth driven non-profit organisation, has developed the Open Innovation Studio.

It is a physical environment that combines the attributes of a shared office, a classroom, a coffee shop and a gallery. It also brings together elements of a business incubator, innovation agency, dynamic public space and members club.

Open Innovation Studio’s business is to foster and support socially relevant innovation. Its core product is flexible membership in an inspirational and well resourced habitat in Cape Town where innovators can work, share, learn, and change the world. It is specifically aimed at smaller organisations and solo-flying change agents.

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One Comment to “Open Innovation Studio: Social Enterprise Collaboration in Cape Town”

  1. zingisa ntsangani says:

    kindly see if you can engage yourselfs with us on this team building event that is taking place at Eyethu hall, Khayelitsha in Cape town on the 27 September 2010 during the school holiday. Our aim is to reach to young and old people through skills development and we are a NPO in Green Point , Khayelitsha (021) 361-1500 or (083) 208-7111.plz consider any programme that will be beneficiary.