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By Wayan Vota on April 10, 2012

A lot has been achieved with ICT in general especially in the last decade in most developing countries, especially Sub Saharan Africa, where in a country like the Gambia mobile penetration is 98% and that applies to a number of countries from the developmental perspective.

As majority of governments shift to getting their citizenry close to decision making it will be great to see how best in an effective way do we leverage on using emerging technologies in mobile apps through voice to reach majority of our citizens who might not be literate in our English, French, Spanish etc but their local languages only and might need to access e governmental services be it in health , education or agriculture.

The need to integrate current e governmental platforms with more emerging technologies in mobile apps is the key especially in sub Saharan Africa to reach the unreachable who presently have been reached through various mobile telecom companies.

My take if we can get this right, various issues regarding the millennium Developmental Goals set about by the UN can be achieved.

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