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What Data Superpower Do You Wish For?

By Tech Change on February 1, 2018

We all are awash in data. Waves of it, breaking over our heads, that can feel like it’s drowning us some days. But what if we take a step back, climb out of the data sea, look out at the oceans of data before us, and ask ourselves:

  • How would we describe data to our grandparents?
  • What’s the worst use of data we’ve come across?
  • What data superpower would we want to have?

Then we could star in the latest episode of TechChange TV’s hilarious new show DataDay, hosted by Nick Martin and Samhir Vasdev. For this newest video, they joined Priyanka Pathak for a fun, lighthearted look at our data dilemmas during MERL Tech in Washington, DC

Featuring your friends and peers, and maybe even you too, DataDay at MERL Tech asked attendees tough data-related questions. Watch it now and catch some insightful, unusual, and occasionally funny answers.

If you find yourself nodding along with the video, then consider joining us for MERL Tech London on March 19-20th, we have an awesome conference agenda. Or a TechChange course on Technology for Monitoring and Evaluation.

Most importantly, what data superpower do you wish for?


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