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The Complete List of 79 Academic ICT4D Journals and Publications

By Wayan Vota on July 18, 2012

ICT4D Academic Journals Publications

One source of continuous frustration for ICT4D academic researchers is the glacial pace of academia. One has to submit papers 8 months in advance for conferences that are over a year away. Or it usually takes about 2 years minimum to get a paper published in a journal.

In the university setting, journals are often considered the only “real” publication venue for three reasons:

  • Peer Review and Credibility: Academic journals typically employ a rigorous peer-review process, which enhances the credibility and reliability of the research findings.
  • Contribution to the Field: Publishing in academic journals contributes to the collective knowledge in the field of ICT4D. It allows researchers to share their findings, methodologies, and insights, thereby advancing the academic discourse and encouraging further research and collaboration.
  • Professional Recognition: For researchers, publication in reputable journals is often a key factor in career development, providing recognition and opportunities for professional growth.

If you are a researcher, you have to mentally prepare for that wait or look for a different way to get your ideas into the ICT4D conversation. One way is to start a blog, another is to submit your paper to an existing blog – we love guest posts!

Academic Journals and Publications on ICT4D

We want to help those trying to get research validation. Here is a list of 79 journals that publish articles related to the use of information and communication technologies to accelerate the social and economic advancement in the development world.

  1. African Journal of Information and Communication
  2. African Journal of Information & Communication Technology
  3. African Journal of Information Systems
  4. Asian Journal of Information Management
  5. Asian Journal of Information Technology
  6. Culture Unbound
  7. Electronic Journal of Information Systems in Developing Countries
  8. Human Technology
  9. Information Development
  10. IT&Society
  11. Information Technologies and International Development
  12. Information Technology for Development
  13. Information, Communication and Society
  14. International Journal of Education and Development using Information and Communication Technology
  15. Information Technology and People (ITP)
  16. Information Technology in Developing Countries
  17. Information Systems Frontiers (ISF)
  18. Information Society Journal (TIS)
  19. International Journal on Advances in ICT for Emerging Regions
  20. International Journal of E-Services and Mobile Applications (IJESMA)
  21. International Journal of Mobile Computing and Multimedia Communications (IJMCMC)
  22. International Journal of Technology Diffusion (IJTD)
  23. Information Systems Journal (ISJ)
  24. International Journal of Mobile Information Systems
  25. International Journal of ICT and Human Development
  26. Journal of Information Technology in Social Change
  27. Journal of Information, Communication and Ethics in Society (JICES)
  28. Journal of Community Informatics (CI)
  29. Journal of Mobile Multimedia (JMM)
  30. Knowledge Management for Development Journal
  31. Participatory Learning and Action
  32. Southern African Journal of Information and Communication
  33. The Broker
  34. The International Journal of Knowledge, Culture and Change Management (
  35. The Information Society Journal (TIS)
  36. Transforming Government: People, Process and Policy
  37. Third World Quarterly
  38. World Development
  39. Communications of the ACM
  40. European Journal of Information Systems
  41. First Monday
  42. Human-Computer Interaction
  43. I/S: A Journal of Law and Policy for the Information Society
  44. Information Development
  45. Information Research
  46. Information Systems Frontiers
  47. Information Systems Journal
  48. Information Systems Research
  49. Information Technology and People
  50. Information, Communication & Society
  51. International Journal for Infonomics
  52. International Journal of Communication
  53. International Journal of Computing and ICT Research
  54. International Journal of Electronic Commerce
  55. International Journal of Electronic Government Research
  56. International Journal of Emerging Technologies and Society
  57. International Journal of Internet Research Ethics
  58. International Journal of Internet Science
  59. International Journal of Technology Management
  60. International Political Science Review
  61. Internet Research
  62. Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication
  63. Journal of Electronic Commerce Research
  64. Journal of Global Information Management
  65. Journal of IT Case and Application Research
  66. Journal of Information Literacy
  67. Journal of Information Technology
  68. Journal of Information Technology & Politics
  69. Journal of Information Technology Impact
  70. Journal of Information, Communication & Ethics in Society
  71. Journal of the Association for Information Systems
  72. MIS Quarterly
  73. Policy & Internet
  74. Social Science Computer Review
  75. Telecommunications Policy
  76. The Electronic Library
  77. Információs Társadalom
  78. The Journal of Community Informatics
  79. Tic&société

Publishing in academic journals offers researchers in ICT4D the benefits of increased credibility, academic reach, field contribution, and professional development, making it a vital aspect of their academic and professional journey. Do you know of other journals or publications we should add to this list? Please let us know in the comments.

Special thanks to Laura Hosman and Revi Sterling for putting this list of journals together

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3 Comments to “The Complete List of 79 Academic ICT4D Journals and Publications”

  1. Tim Denny says:

    When I think of academic journals the big issue I focus on is “open access”. So I wonder, of these 79 journals which are freely accessible to the world? Those that are not accessible without payment or other forms of restrictions should go in another list. 🙂

  2. thadk says:

    First Monday, historically open access, has had some nice articles over the years that have changed the way I looked at the int’l tech world.

    For instance:
    http://www.firstmonday.org/htbin/cgiwrap/bin/ojs/index.php/fm/article/view/1126/1046 (Black star: Ghana, information technology and development in Africa by G. Pascal Zachary)

    http://www.firstmonday.org/htbin/cgiwrap/bin/ojs/index.php/fm/article/view/1625/1540 (The genesis and emergence of Education 3.0 in higher education and its potential for Africa )

  3. Doug Hadden says:

    Focused on public financial management including ICT: International Journal on Governmental Financial Management, free download. http://www.icgfm.org/journal.htm