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Apply Now: 2018 USAID Digital Development Awards

By Wayan Vota on May 23, 2018

USAID Digital Development Awards
USAID is pleased to announce the 2018 Digital Development Awards call for applications.

The Digis recognize USAID projects and activities that embrace best practices in the application and utilization of digital technologies and data-driven approaches to achieve their development objectives and catalyze an inclusive digital economy.

All USAID and implementing partner staff working on USAID-funded projects, activities or programs are invited to apply on behalf of the activity, regardless of the size, region, or portfolio of the activity.

Apply now! Applications are due July 13th.

The Digital Development Awards will recognize recent or current USAID-funded activities that:

  • Integrate digital technologies or services into the strategy, design and implementation of a USAID activity which contributes in a measurable way toward achieving the development objective(s).
  • Leverage digital information systems and other digital data collection and engagement tools to enable adaptive or iterative decision-making and empower relevant local decision makers.
  • Apply advanced data and geographic analysis to improve strategic planning, design, monitoring, and/or evaluation of USAID’s programs.
  • Strengthen the digital ecosystem through policy reform, market facilitation, or public good investment that supports greater access to and usage of digital services and data.
  • Build lasting digital capacity among constituents, local partners, host governments and the private sector through the use of digital tools and data-driven approaches in a USAID activity.

All applications will be assessed through the lens of the Principles for Digital Development – guidelines developed by the international donor community to help development practitioners integrate established best practices into technology-enabled programs.

A panel from the U.S. Global Development Lab’s Center for Digital Development will judge applications and select the winning teams. Whether a Digi will be awarded is decided and in the sole discretion of the Center for Digital Development.

Digi Award winners will receive Agency recognition and public visibility for their groundbreaking work. This could include the following:

  • Profile in “Digital Development at USAID” publication
  • A Certificate of Appreciation
  • An invitation to deliver a presentation at a USAID event
  • Blog post featuring the winners’ work in Agency publications

Apply now! Your project could be the next Digi award winner!

2017 Digital Development Award Winner Profiles and Videos

Learn more about the USAID Digital Development Awards and check out the 2017 Digi Award winners for inspiration. They are also featured in our awards booklet.

Be sure to follow @USAID_Digital on Twitter for additional updates on the 2018 Digi Awards and join the conversation at #2018Digis!

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