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Published on: Mar 27 2009 by Wayan Vota

Welcome to ICTworks™

ICTworks™ is a premier resource for sharing and expanding knowledge on appropriate information and communication technologies (ICT) and the implementation processes that can make them sustainable in rural and underserved communities across the developing world (ICT4D).

Jana Melpolder, Inveneo’s Media Manager, is the editor of ICTworks and Wayan Vota, FHI 360’s Senior Mobile Advisor, is a senior contributor. We are supported by many writers. Do you want to be our next writer? Then contact Jana at jana at inveneo.org or on Twitter as @JanaMelpolder.

We publish insights 3x a week to over 12,000 Twitter followers, 8,000 email subscribers, 5,000 weekly website visitors, and 4,000 Facebook friends. Please join your friends and peers by subscribing to ICTworks updates via:

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In 2009, ICTworks was founded by Inveneo, a social enterprise that creates highly sustainable and affordable ICT infrastructure technologies designed specifically for organizations that provide vital services — education, healthcare, economic development — in rural and underserved areas in the developing world.

In 2015, ICTworks became a partnership between Inveneo and FHI 360’s TechLab. FHI 360 is a nonprofit human development organization dedicated to improving lives in lasting ways by advancing integrated, locally driven solutions. The TechLab is FHI 360’s development technology unit, which designs, adapts, and implements scalable technology solutions that increase the efficiency, reach, and impact of the organization’s initiatives.

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