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ICCM 2012: Videos on Crisis Mapping and Humanitarian Technology

By Aaron Mason on January 21, 2013

Every year the International Conference of Crisis Mappers (ICCM) brings together the most engaged practitioners, scholars, software developers and policymakers at the cutting edge of crisis mapping and humanitarian technology. The challenges and thought leadership they represent are worth paying attention to, and are available in a large part as short, easy to digest videos.

Here are a few top pics from ICCM 2012:

Like what you see? CrisisMappers has nearly 200 of these videos available on their website. You’ll need to sign up and wait for authorization, but this takes less than 3 minutes to complete.

And in the spirit of mapping everything, it’s only natural that there’d be a video on mapping the maps:

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Aaron Mason is a technology and development expert with experience in design, analytics, ICT and disaster response. Follow him on Twitter: @Aaron_Mason
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