Top Ten ICT4D Conferences for 2012

Published on: Jan 09 2012 by Wayan Vota

Tony Roberts has compiled a handy list of ICT4D conferences this year for you to start putting on your calendar. Which of these do you plan on attending?


  1. Feb 28-29th, New Dehli, India: Mobiles for Development
  2. Mar 12-15th, Atlanta, USA: ICTD 2012 – preceded on Mar 10-11th by co-located ACM DEV
  3. Mar 19-23rd, Abuja, Nigeria: Idlelo5 – Free & Open Source Africa
  4. Mar 21-24, Kampala, Uganda: ICT for Africa – eInclusion
  5. May 14-18th, Geneva, Switzerland: WSIS Forum 2012
  6. May 23-25th, Cotonou, Benin: e-Learning Africa
  7. May 29-31st, Lausanne, Switzerland: Tech4Dev 2012
  8. May 29th-Jun 1st, Cape Town, South Africa: Mobile Health Summit
  9. Sep 5-6th, Kristiansand, Norway: IPID 2012 ICT4D Symposium
  10. Nov 13-15th Kathmandu, Nepal: 6th ICT for Development & Education Conference

And Tony has a great reminder for event organizers:

If you are still planning your event then perhaps consider either avoiding the second half of March and May or maybe piggy-back on someone else’s event – by scheduling in the same town on the days immediately preceding of following an existing event – so that we can reduce the environmental and financial costs of attending international conferences.

I’ll second that request with one of my own: please make sure your attendees know and use the same Twitter hashtag so we call all follow along. I would suggest #ICT4D as a start.

Wayan Vota is a Senior Mobile Advisor at FHI 360 and is a regular contributor to ICTworks. He co-founded ICTworks, ICT4Djobs, ICT4Drinks, Technology Salon, Educational Technology Debate, OLPC News, Kurante, and a few other things.
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  1. InSTEDD says:

    Hi Inveneo,

    Thanks for putting together this list. What a great resource! We hope to see you at many of these events this year.


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