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Inveneo Low Power Advantage: 60 Hours of Computing on One Charge!

By Wayan Vota on April 5, 2010

The cost of electricity is a huge barrier to ICT adoption in the developing world. Rolling blackouts are common in cities, while in peri-urban and rural areas, there’s no gird electricity infrastructure – its all solar or generator power. Yet petrol or diesel generators are hard to maintain and solar power is expensive – $10+ per Watt.


In an effort to make every Watt count, Inveneo develops low-power computers that are highly energy efficient. We’ve brought down the power draw of a Inveneo Computing Station to 17 Watts thanks to custom LCD screens and Intel Atom chipsets. But what does that really mean for an end user?

Let’s compare and Inveneo High-Efficiency Computing Station with a traditional desktop computer:

Did you see that – 60 hours of computing!

To be truthful, even we were blown away by the difference. We knew the Dell would burn through the standard deep cycle battery pretty quickly. It lasted only 3 hours. But we didn’t expect the Inveneo Computing Station to last for 60 hours – 20x longer.

For everyone from a cybercafe owner to a school to a microfinance institution, this should be an immediate “wow!”. With Inveneo you can go 1.5 weeks on a single charge, reducing dependency on grid power or generator usage. And your solar power costs will be 1/10th or less than a traditional computer.

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Wayan Vota is a digital development entrepreneur and the co-founder of ICTworks. He also co-founded ICT4Djobs, ICT4Drinks, Technology Salon, JadedAid, MERL Tech, ICTforAg, Kurante, OLPC News and a few other things.
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2 Comments to “Inveneo Low Power Advantage: 60 Hours of Computing on One Charge!”

  1. mmlug says:

    HI Inveneo Team,

    I really appreciate what Inveneo done for developing world. Can we order also Inveneo Computing Station and Custom LCD Monitor? We wanna use for School.


  2. Wayan Vota says:


    We offer our solutions through 60 local partners in 20 countries – check to find one in your country. If you’re in a country without an ICIP, you can ask us directly via this form.

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